Easy DIY Tips on How to Hang Wall Art

how to hang a wall art

Are you having a hard time deciding where to hang your new pictures/wall art? Does that new canvas wall print look a bit off on the wall you just hang it on? Worry no more! 

Whether you are moving into your first home or renovating your current house, these tips will serve you perfectly. Here is a perfect guide on where and how different pieces of art fit in your house therefore how you should hang art:


Hanging Art on a Large Blank Wall

Not everyone knows how to hang wall art, even on a blank wall. As much as it is every interior designer’s dream, it is a common nightmare for many homeowners. Where do you even start in a big and empty space?

Well, the secret is going as large as you possibly can when choosing a piece of art. This is because choosing a smaller or even medium piece poses the risk of the art getting lost in the space. However, this does not mean that the art has to touch the ground or the ceiling. Instead, it just has to cover the majority of the wall space. More about this topic: Top 5 Tips for Designing a Large Wall Using Art Prints

Hanging a Wall Art on a Large Blank Wall

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Hanging Wall Art above Furniture

Hanging wall art above furniture can be tricky, but it should be easier than dealing with an empty wall space. However, you must be cautious to position the art in the right proximity to the furniture. This can be done by using the furniture to frame and centre the artwork within the empty space. Additionally, the piece of art should be hung at eye level for an average height person so that it makes the room pop.


Hanging Wall Art above Furniture
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Hanging Wall Art above a Sofa

You do not have to be into the design to know how to hang wall art above a sofa. All you need are basic mathematical skills to calculate distance. That is, the distance between the sofa and the art should be equal to the distance between the art and the ceiling. This helps to give the art a central appearance.

Secondly, make sure the piece of art you are hanging is not wider than the sofa itself.  This is a very critical rule that must be followed. Otherwise, wall art that is larger than the sofa will not look proportional. Lastly, go for a piece whose colour blends well with the colour of the sofa.

wall art above sofa

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How to Hang Wall Art above a Mantle

hanging wall art above a mantle

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Hanging a piece of art above a mantle can be confusing. Luckily, there’s a trick that always works, which is to hang it on one side of the mantle. However, it should be a maximum of 6 inches on the side. This arrangement gives you a chance to place other items on the mantle beside the art.

 As for the length, make sure to follow the rule of the thumb by placing it at eye level. Well, this basically depends on your height, but try to hang it at an average person’s eye length. 


How to Hang Wall Art above the Bed 

wall art above a bed

A romantic piece of art enhances the bedroom vibe when hung above the bed. However, it must be hung accurately and in the right position. To achieve this, you’ll need to use the bed width as your ruler. Make sure the artwork is centred horizontally above the bed. This way, you can soothe yourself to sleep by looking at a perfectly centred wall art in your bedroom.


Hanging Wall Art above a Desk

Many people are tempted to hang paintings too low when decorating the space above their desks. Probably, many people think that they would like to see the art as they work. Unfortunately, it becomes too close to enjoy its view. Therefore, try to hang the painting at the same height that you would when hanging above a sofa.

hanging wall art

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Wind Up

Just as art requires design skills to create, you will also need some design skills when hanging it. Apart from the tips discussed in this article, hiring an art professional to design your home is always a safer option. This is why Modern Prints not only sell and make unique pieces of art, but also offer professional suggestions on how to hang wall art. Call us today and transform your space!